Jamie was born and raised in rural Wyoming.

Her family relied on programs such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, and Free School Lunch to make ends meet.

When Jamie was a teenager, she suddenly and tragically lost her mother to colon cancer.

In 2008, Jamie married Ryan Cheek.

Two years later, she received her bachelor's degree from the University of Wyoming. Because of the opportunity that came with federal grants and student loans, and with lots of hard work, she became the first member of her family to graduate college.

Soon after, Jamie and Ryan moved to Ogden, Utah.

In 2016, Jamie earned her Master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from USU.

In 2013, Jamie began her career of public service, joining the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation. She began as a secretary, but worked her way up to District Director, a role in which she now oversees a $1 million budget and 17+ employees. In her work, she sees the impact that policies crafted in Washington have on regular people, and she sees how easy it is for them to fall through the cracks of the system. That's why she's running for Congress: to make our government work for us again.

Now, Jamie is running for Congress.

In 2017, Jamie and Ryan welcomed their daughter, Audrey, into the world.

Throughout her life, Jamie has been no stranger to struggle and hardship. She was the first woman in her family to graduate from high school, and a first-generation college graduate. She is now a wife, mother, and devoted public servant running to represent the people of Utah's 1st District. She is one of the success stories. But, she was only able to get where she is today because of a government that invested in people like her: because she was given a chance. She is running for Congress to make sure that everyone is given the same chance that she got to succeed.

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