Jamie grew up in Wyoming and moved to Utah nearly a decade ago. She now lives in Ogden with her husband and daughter. She works as a Licensed Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, helping many of the most vulnerable populations find greater independence through gainful and fulfilling employment. Through her work, Jamie has served as both Social Media Specialist and as President of Utah’s chapter of Job Placement and Development and is currently the President-elect of the Utah Rehabilitation Association.

Jamie grew up in a rural area. Access to resources was limited and the family struggled to make ends meet. Like many, they relied on programs such as Free School Lunch, Medicaid, and Food Stamps to survive. As a first-generation college student, she was fortunate to receive grant scholarship money but still had to work and take out loans to pay rent, buy food, and afford textbooks. She is one of the success stories, but it was incredibly difficult, and for every success story there are many more who don't make it because the deck is stacked against them.  She is focused on issues that can make a difference in the lives of Utahns: a champion for the causes and policies that prioritize people over profits.


As an unabashed optimist, she rejects the politics of fear and hate that pervade the status quo. “Utahns are compassionate people and our values are not being represented by our politicians, who remain impervious to public sentiment. It is time to elect someone different -- someone who will listen to her constituents and will tirelessly work to make their lives better.”


The United States doesn’t have a healthcare system, we are suffering from a ‘sick care’ system.  It’s the consequence of an underregulated industry that profits when more people receive less coverage. About 1 in 10 people in our district can’t afford health insurance, and many more can’t afford the insurance they have. Every American deserves affordable pharmaceutical, preventative, and emergency care.

Affordable Healthcare

We should not accept a status-quo that provides out-of-state executives a license to poison Utah’s air. Corporate profits shouldn’t be subsidized by our physical health. We know the long-term impacts of the climate crisis and air pollution. The science is in, the economics are clear, and our planet is sending us an SOS. We can’t surrender to the liars and deniers. We must take immediate action to protect our communities.

Let's Clear the Air!

Utah ranks last in the nation in per-pupil funding for public education. But, throughout the nation, our schools are underfunded, teachers are underpaid, and many high school students now graduate unprepared to meet the challenges of their generation. The zip code of your childhood home should not determine your future income potential. The only sustainable path forward for our nation includes providing every child access to a dynamic education.

Investing in Our Future

The American Dream is retreating into the pages of history. The same economic opportunity that built the middle-class and powered America is disappearing. Vast wealth inequality has forced far too many Americans into the insecurity of a gig-economy. Trickle-down continues to fail us. It’s time to invest in the working-class, unburden the innovative ability of Americans, and restore the American Dream.

Rebuilding the American Dream

Government should work as well for you as it does for political donors. This campaign is focused on kitchen-table issues that affect everyone in our district. Meanwhile, Republicans are treating the ultra-wealthy to a five-course meal, then when they dine-and-dash, the rest of us are left to foot their bill. It’s time to give every American a seat at the table, end the corruption in Washington, and build a government that works for the working-class.    

Giving Power Back to the People 


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