Official Statement on the Impeachment of Donald Trump

Yesterday, the 116th US House of Representatives made history, voting to impeach a president for only the 3rd time in history. Despite all of the noise from the Republicans in the House, the facts never changed: the president used the power of his office for personal and political gain and then stonewalled Congress when they tried to uncover the truth. The American people understand the weight that an impeachment holds, but they also understand why impeachment was the necessary action for the House to take: because the president's actions were the exact reason impeachment was included by the framers. When a president extorts a foreign power to interfere in an election and investigate a political rival, those actions directly threaten our Constitutional Republic, and they must not go unanswered. 

Despite how clear the facts of this case are, and despite the majority of the American people supporting impeachment, not a single Republican in the House voted to impeach this president and defend our democracy. It is sad how far the Republican Party has fallen. It is overrun with weak, ineffectual people who will bend to the will of Donald Trump, no matter how corrupt he becomes. Even Republicans like Rob Bishop, who is retiring after this term, did not have the courage to take a stand for the Constitution. 

That's why it is so crucial that we don't elect another Republican to take Rob Bishop's seat and to continue on his legacy of weak and cowardly leadership. We CAN elect a representative who will do the right thing, no matter the political consequences. We CAN elect a leader who will stand up for our Constitution and our democracy. We CAN and we MUST. 

Often, I get asked why I even bother running for Congress in one of the most conservative districts in the country. Here's why: I'm running because I know that when the people of Utah come together, anything is possible, and when the core of our very nation's existence is on the line, we have no other choice but to stand up and fight. Every generation of Americans is faced with an existential threat to their country, and this is ours: protecting our democracy from those who are actively trying to destroy and corrupt it for their political gain. 

But I can't win this fight on my own. It's going to take a grassroots movement of people like you standing up for what's right to face this threat head-on and ensure the security of our democracy and our Constitution.

We cannot allow another Republican to take this seat and sit idly by in Washington while our democracy is under attack. We can take this seat back for the people, but the only way we can do it is TOGETHER.

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