Statement on Democratic Convention Results

Today, the Utah Democratic Party virtually held its 2020 Nominating Convention. According to the Utah Democratic Party, there was record delegate participation, a sign that Utah Democrats are fired up and ready for this extremely important election year. In order for a candidate to secure the Democratic nomination at the Convention, they must receive at least 60% of the delegate vote. In the race for Utah’s 1st Congressional District, neither myself nor my opponent reached that threshold.

This means that we will be heading to a party primary, to be held on June 30th, 2020, to decide on a nominee. We are excited to continue reaching out to voters to share our message, and we appreciate the opportunity to allow a broader field of participation in this primary process.

I believe that we are the campaign that has the best shot at beating the Republicans and flipping Utah’s 1st District in November, and that is the message that we are going to take directly to the primary voters. If you believe that Democratic values are Utah values, and if you’re ready for UT-01 to have compassionate, empathetic, competent, accountable, and Democratic leadership, then join us. If you’re ready to elect the first woman to ever represent UT-01, and the only female Democrat running for Congress in the state, then join us. Now is the time to get involved and fight for what you believe in, because together, we can and will take our advocacy for working people to Congress. Go to today to get involved, because we need every single one of you on our side in order to win this race.

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